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How often can I come to the restaurant ?

We hold nine sessions per year. Each session lasts four weeks. You can come, as a member, once at each session.

How do I pay for my meal ?

The payment of your meal must be completed by debit or credit card 15 days before the next session date.

How can I stop my membership ?

At any time, you just have to do it at least one month before the date of the next session. Please, note that stopping your membership will end your membership and make room for a future member who is on the waiting list. If you wish to become a member again and the club is full, we will put your name on the waiting list.

May I bring guests ?

You can bring one guest per culinary session. In addition, every 10 sessions, you will have the possibility to bring 3 guests maximum. You will pay for their meal at the time of booking at the same rate as you ($195 per person).

Will I meet the Chefs ?

Of course ! They will be very happy to come to see you in the dining room to get to know your feedback.

Is the service included ?

Everything is included, mineral water, coffee, tea, the cloakroom... But, if you wish, you can leave a tip for our kitchen brigade.

What are the opening days ?

We are open for dinner from Monday to Saturday from 6:30PM to 11:00PM.

How do I make a reservation ?

Via the website or the Chef du Jour app, as well as phone support is also available. Reservations are open 15 days prior to the session start date until the last day.

I am not a member, can I come to the restaurant ?

The restaurant is only open to members and their guests. If you are not a member, you will need to be invited by a member.

Is there a dress code to follow ?

There is no dress code but we recommend to dress accordingly for such special occasion.

How many members are registered ?

Each restaurant have 600 members in order to respect a maximum number of 50 guests per culinary session. This is to ensure and guarantee the quality and attention that each member and guest deserves.

How do you find your Chefs ?

We have an international culinary network (great chefs, gastronomic journalists, national and international food contestants, etc.) who knows the young prodigies of the kitchen. The chefs will present their gastronomic creations and once the menu is validated, they will come with their sous-chef and pastry chef and stay one month in residence to make you discover their cuisine and their know-how.

Is the restaurant open outside the Chef du Jour sessions ?

No, this one is entirely dedicated to the members of the Chef du Jour club.

I can't come to a session, do I still have to pay ?

The member who wishes temporarily to suspend his or her membership fee can do it only for exceptional and/or imperative reasons and this cannot exceed a period of 3 months. The request has to be made in writting to the Management of the Chef du Jour Club.

What are the meal rates for guests ?

For guests, the meal rate is the same as for members, $195 per culinary session.

What will happen in the event of a new pandemic ?

If there is a new pandemic and the closure of the restaurant is required by the government, your payments will be interrupted until the moment we reopen but you will keep your membership status.

How to become a member of the Chef du Jour Club ?

Fill in the form on the contact page. Right after, you will receive an admission file by email, once this is completed, the admission committee will study your application. If you are sponsored by another member, please, do let it us know so we can speed up the admission process. Within a week, you will receive an answer from the committee. If it is affirmative, you will only have to sign the club rules and pay the one time admission fee via a secured link online. The admission fee will vary according to the currency of each country: $840/690€/£590.

Who can become a member of the Chef du Jour Club ?

The Chef du Jour Club is open to all women and men without discrimination because of their origins, sex, age*, religion, handicap or opinions. *Only people of legal age can be members.

Do you have a couple rate for club membership ?

No, members can bring their partners for the price of $195/195€ per person.

Do I need to be sponsored to become a member of the Chef du Jour Club ?

No, it's not a requirement, but if you are sponsored, we will prioritise your admission.

How much is the club admission fee ?

Each member pays a one time admission fee which will vary according to the currency of each country : $840, £590 or 690€. The payment of the admission is done online via a link sent to the member and this must be made within the 8 days after the signature of the admission agreement.

I am vegetarian or I have allergies, can I come to the restaurant ?

Each menu contains the same ingredients for each member or guest and it is elaborated with our best local products. For this reason, it will be impossible to cater to different needs or food restrictions. Modifications for guests that don´t eat meat, eggs or gluten cannot be made. We are very sorry about this.